Muktinath Temple Tour


 Muktinath Temple Tour is the most historical, Hindu religious and pilgrims tour in Nepal. Muktinath Temple lies in the district of Mustang in Nepal. Muktinath temple tour is the famous both Hindu and Buddhist holy place in Nepal. Muktinath is located in the height of 3749mtr. and situated in the 48Km. north east of Jomsom. It has a pagoda style shape dedicated to Lord Bishnu. We can see 108 water spouts behind this beautiful temple, in the shape of cow headed. Visitors takes bath from the ice-cold water while they are visiting the temple. During the festival of Janaipurnima, Hindu devotees gather here to pray homage to Lord Muktinath. You can drive to Muktinath or take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom or walk up for Muktinath temple tour. Muktinath temple tour is belief of the Hindus that this world is “Maya” (an illusion) and the earliest one gets out of it’s the better and a visit to Muktinath will help them achieve that goal. The Hindu called it Muktichhetra (place of Salvation) is one of the famous religion sites. According to the Hindu Myth Lord Vishnu turned into Shaligram (Ammonites) because of Brinda’s curse. Muktinath temple tour is interesting to note that Muktinath is considered to be one of the 24 Tantric places in the Tibetan Buddhist faith. According to tradition, Guru Rinpoche, who founded the Tibetan faith, stopped here to worship the Dakinis or ‘sky dancing goddesses’ on his way to Tibet. For Hindus the importance of the shrine is a bit different. Hindu Vashanavites consider the Muktinath shrine to be one of the eight most sacred shrines on earth. They consider the Muktinath to be one of the 108 holy places where a person should worship lord Vishnu. Whatever you believe, a trip to the Muktinath temple tour and shrine is definitely worth a visit. It features stunning water features, breath taking views and a man-sized idol of gold. Keep in mind that the best time to visit is between March and June since weather conditions at other times of the year make travel here difficult. As if the temple itself wasn’t enough. Beside Muktinath temple tour you will also see a number of great attractions along the way. So start making your plans to hike to the Muktinath temple tour in Nepal. We do not force to trek or follow this itinerary day to day, it can be minimize as well as prolong as your wish. We can arrange the trip to begins on any date during the trekking season {March through May & September through December} in Nepal according yours time frame.